Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Whole Towns Sleeping and Terribly Strange Bed Essay -- English Li

The Whole Towns Sleeping and Terribly Strange BedIn this essay I pull up stakes be comparing two (2) short stories The WholeTowns sleeping by Ray Bradbury (1950) and A Terribly Strange Bedby Wilkie Collins (1856). Both stories ar about tending and they make usfeel fear or are supposed to they make the reader scared orfrightened. Both stories have the same purpose, which is so scare thereader. I am going to compare the way Ray Bradbury and Wilkie Collins make up tension, suspense, mood and tone.In the first few lines of The Whole Towns Sleeping, the composedescribes the setting for the story, the little town was deep faraway from everything, kept to itself by a river and a forest and aravine, but before that he mentions that it is nighttime. Bothstories are set at nighttime. This is because if it were set in thedaytime it simply wouldnt be scary. The whole town wouldnt besleeping and the narrator wouldnt engage a terribly strange bed tosleep in. Collins has a opposite approach f or the beginning of ATerribly Strange Bed, he describes the characters and what they weredoing, which gives a different impression of the story, it doesntseem like a scary story at first, because theres no obvious signslike in The Whole Towns Sleeping.Ray Bradbury uses recreation to create interest to the story In thedowntown drugstore, fans whispered in the high ceiling air He alsouse metaphors and similes such as at that place were two moons a clock moonwith four faces while A Terribly Strange Bed doesnt have anyrecreation, metaphors or similes in its opening but inactive manages tomaintain interest.Mood and tone are very grand in both stories. Using certainadjectives, like warm summer n... ...appens next. In Collins story, youare told what happens next, and you finish the story quite pleased,like the narrator would be, instead of still scared like you are inthe other story.Both stories are homogeneous and different the authors use differentmethods to make the reader scared. The stories have some similaritiesand others have differences. Ray Bradbury describes the scenerywhereas Wilkie Collins describes the characters. Setting seems to bemore important in The Whole Towns Sleeping than it is in Collinsstory and tension and suspense is used very differently in the bothstories, Bradbury uses a sharp shock and and so a steady buildup, hence afalse relief before a final cliffhanger and Collins uses a strangebuildup to what seems like somewhat of an anti-climax and then reestablishes the tension, for a gentle relief and a settled ending.

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