Friday, May 31, 2019

Comparison Of Animals In George Orwells Animal Farm :: essays research papers

The USA adaptation of the classic work Animal farm was entertaining and historically representative. The characters in the movie were all representing key elements in the Russian Revolution from start to end. The owner of the farm Mr. Jones is Czar Nicholas II who was the Czar of Russia before the revolution. Nicholas was a real poor leader, and was cruel to opponents much like Mr. Jones dealt with things. sexagenarian Major was representative of Karl Marx. Old Major taught the animals Animalism notwithstanding as Marx taught communism. He meant to have the workers drive back because they do all the work and the rich keep the money, and both died before the revolution.The entire belief system of animalism was just like the communistic system. both large number were equal there were no owners and no rich and no poor either. All of the animals owned the farm just as all people owned the communist government and the government owned everything. Snowball was supposed to be Leon T rotsky both were young, smart and good speakers. Both Snowball and Trotsky followed the teachings of both Marx and Old Major. Snowball wanted to improve life on the farm just as Trotsky was trying to improve life in Russia. Trotsky was chased away by Lenin&8217s KGB or secret police just as snowball was chased away by snooze&8217s dogs. Napoleon himself was more Stalin than Lenin was however. Napoleon wasn&8217t a good speaker or clever like snowball just like Stalin wasn&8217t as educated as Trotsky or as good a public speaker. Napoleon was cruel, brutish, selfish, devious and corrupt. Napoleon didn&8217t follow Old Major&8217s original words just as Stalin didn&8217t follow Marx&8217s ideals. Napoleon&8217s ambition for power killed all of his opponents and Stalin also killed all of those whom opposed him. Napoleon used the dogs to overtop the animals and spied on the just as Stalin used the KGB about propaganda and to keep the people in line.Squealer was supposed to be the prop aganda department of the Russian government. Squealer confident(p) the animals to follow Napoleon and changed the commandments. Russia&8217s propaganda department rallied the people and changed the teaching&8217s of Marx to fit it&8217s own agenda. Boxer was representative of dedicated but tricked communist supporters. Boxer worked hard and believed in the animal farm just as dedicated Russians followed Stalin because he was communist. Boxer&8217s attitude was Napoleon was always regenerate and that he must work harder, just as the dedicated communists stayed loyal after it was obvious that Stalin was a tyrant.

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