Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Landscape Masters of the Baroque Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Landscape Masters of the churrigueresco - Essay ExampleFor the most part, French baroque art can be considered as an grammatical construction of the French Crowns values, particularly those of King Louis XIV.King Louis built the Versailles palace as a attribute of the Crowns total authority, of which the design of both the palace and surrounding land was a lineal product of a rigid, rational, and disciplined approach meant to show the state and government activity control of the king. The sculptures, paintings, and architecture that were elect to decorate this palace were, stylistically, purely classical in nature, conveying the timeless and orderly truths of the policies pursued by King Louis XIV. However, not every artist in France wanted to be employed by the government with majority of them electing to leave the country, contending that this was better than placing their artistic creativity in political service. The two most separate artists of this period, Claude Lorrai n and Nicolas Poussin, chose to move to Italy, where they got inspiration from the gentle landscape in Rome.Claude Lorrain elected to paint the lovely countryside in constellation of poetry, populating the landscapes with ancient monuments and their picturesque ruins, as well as flocks of sheep. Poussin also sought to depict similar features in his landscapes on the countryside in Rome. However, Poussin sought to do more than delight the audience or viewer. Instead, he utilise the classical setting to present human history in dramatic form. On top of delighting his landscapes viewers, he also set out to instruct them.

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