Monday, May 6, 2019

My story of growth and development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

My story of growth and development - Essay ExampleI have memories of the best long time of my life in coach. It was my home away from home. Some of my classmates were my best buddies and I could relate to them in spite of some embarrassing smirchs I found myself in at school. Situations much(prenominal) as bunking class whizz day and freaking out all alone and getting into a fisticuffs with some other student. However, these were isolated incidents. Other than these, the eons in school were eventful with good happenings such as the annual drama, elocution contest and school elections.On the whole, I had a good background, except some problematic situation at home. My father and mother did not see eye to eye and spent most of their time quarrelling with each other. This did not augur well for the family and it did have a profound effect on my aver views about raising a family.I hail from a conservative family background. Due to my fathers wrinkle and also because of lack of sc hools in my neighbourhood, I had to frequently change schools in the early years as my family moved from one city to another during my childhood formative years, that is, up to the time, I was ten years of age.My father was a storekeeper and worked overseas up to the time I was six years of age. When he returned and found a job locally, we found that there was no school in the vicinity, and had to shift to another city about a hundred kilometres away from my fathers place of work.I found this disposition quite suitable as I dreaded the sight of my father.... We were in the new city for one year and returned to the city where my father worked when someone started a new school here. However, the teaching standards were not to the in demand(p) level, and I had to return to the school in the same city I was earlier. I remained in this school for the rest of my school years and completed high school here. The end of my school years coincided with my fathers retirement. We shifted to a cosmopolitan city where I found a job and also continued to do my college. I chose the arts stream as I always had fascination for literature. My years in college were not as carefree as my time in school. I had responsibilities. I had to pay my college fees and also give start up of my income to my mother.I worked for a small automobile company where they manufactured mirrors for automobiles. It was a part time job, and I had enough time to attend college lectures and cover up the lessons on my own later on. The remuneration was not to my expectation but it was modest and I had some money left over to use as out of pocket expenses after paying my fees and giving some money to my mother. This was not entirely overdue to my salary as I was also receiving financial assistance from a church group in the neighborhood whom I had befriended (Growth and Development).In the meantime, my father returned to the city where he had worked previously. He could not adjust to the functional cond itions in the new place and also the situation at home was turning bad to worsened for him. The children were growing up and challenging him when he picked fights with my mother. We could do without him. He returned to his earlier abode where he stayed work on his

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