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Service Quality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

value Quality - Essay ExampleSatisfaction, Loyalty and Retention..5 Staff Recruitment, Training and Service Strategy6 TQM (total quality management).6 Chapter 2.7 Methodology.7 Chapter 3.7 Primary findings7 Chapter 4.13 Recommendations.13 finding.13 Appendix14 References..17 Abstract The cordial reception industry is surviving on high quality of dish on a reasonable price. The nodes are the revenue generators for the business houses and that is the reason they must be provided with the great(p) quality service so they become the loyal customers. For any business empire whether it is small or big, the primary feather focus is how to retain their existing customers and how to acquire new customers. To retain the existing customers the in-depth understanding of the customer needs is very important. The service quality has become the primary focus of most of the organizations. Mainly for the dissolute food centers the service qualities are the baseline for the improvement of thei r performances. The service oriented factors are deeply associated with the truth programs (Brooks, 2010). The Service quality gap model gives the perfect picture of the gaps between the service given and service expected. This paper will focus on all the aspects of having good quality services and it will consequence an attempt to find out the customers perception about the best quality service. Introduction In the hospitality industry the quality speaks the ultimate word. The hospitality industry is based on the service qualities of the people in the shops or in the restaurants. For many times it has been seen that even after providing the best survives the customers are not satisfied. In these cases the reason behind the dis satisfaction is very important to understand for the fast food centers. The service gap models befriend the managers to understand the gaps between the service provided and the services wanted by the customers. However, in the recent time it is recrudesce to know the reaction from the mouth of the real time customers. And that is the reason, the primary data collection is very important. in. The primary and secondary data are important to support the outcome of the services related to the customer satisfaction. In regards to this research, the secondary data are collected from many secondary resources like online websites, articles, books and journals related to the customer satisfaction and service quality. And the primary data are colle

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