Thursday, May 9, 2019

Commodity paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Commodity paper - Essay compositors caseFrom the manufacturing facility to the client, a cycle may pass through a variety of processes that could be delicate to define unless one understands the merits and demerits of world-wideisation.Various prototypes emerged over the years. The initial bicycle model had two large tires with pedals added to touch it around. However, the dwarf version that led to the current bicycle was a prototype J.K Starley enhanced in 1885. The aim was to overturn the difficulties noted when trying to steer and pedal at the same time (Glaskin, 2013). Latter versions were now touch on with the increasing of comfort and making the bicycle easy to pedal and as a source of transportation. Today, bicycles are categorized based on dynamics, performance, and functions. This means that plan of attack up with the full frame of a bicycle will require the utilization of certain features that will define the end product. As such, certain aspects of globalization may come to play when dealing with the assemblage or manufacture of certain parts, leading to all increased purchase costs for the client or reduced operational costs for the company (Bathurst, 2011). Whichever focal point the balance strikes, the important thing is to understand that the benefits accrued will depend on several aspects of the global market.Manufacturing of a bicycle includes the assemblage of certain aspects such frames, gearing systems, steering, seats, brakes, suspensions and tires, and accessories. The process could be costly presumption the accessibility of raw materials, and that may implying outsourcing of products from discordant countries (Bathurst, 2011). Globalization has made it easy to reach out to various companies in least developed nations and attain the same product for almost half the price or even less. This shows that the company will have lower operational costs that may allow them to produce more at lower costs and higher profits. Just as n oted by Rivoli (2009), the bicycles coming from various international

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