Wednesday, May 15, 2019

On-line Demand for Products and Services Assignment

On-line Demand for Products and Services - Assignment ExampleAs the growth witnessed in the online shopping arena continues exponentially, various firms are acquiring youthful wealth focused on new market opportunities for footprint coverage. Therefore, stores are able to by and by cater to the vast and continuously growing shoreward markets in terms of service requirements and market demands. This is because of the growing influence of the profit where online consumers need both Internet connectivity and valid payment methods to sustain a complete transaction (de Kare-Silver, 200048).In most cases, once a particular item has been identified on a website or in another online platform, an online retailer subsequently uses available shopping cart software. These subsequently allow consumers to continue buying products by way of accumulating doubled items, in addition to being able to adjust the quantities acquired. Through the vivacious checkout processes, payment and address re ading is acquired. Here, some stores allow the customers to sign up for permanent online accounts. This is important because of the need for constant information gathering during an online transaction. This involves sensitive information (Sheth, 200323).Online accounts are more secure and hence the preferred choice for buy at online shoppers. As such, information should only be entered once. Some of the dominant online accounts include Shopify, Shopgate, and PrestaShop, osCommerce, Magento, and nopCommerce. High-end solutions can also be bought or rented in the version of stand-alone programs (Huang, 2000339). This may also work as an addition to an existing enterprise program on resource planning. In the event that a transaction is successfully implemented, online shoppers normally receive e-mail notifications. A less sophisticated avenue involves a process where consumers use email or phones to order their products.

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