Saturday, September 7, 2019

Walter Murch Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Walter Murch - Research Paper Example Walter Murch attracted the Academy Award nomination for sound mixing for Francis Coppola’s movie The Conversation, in 1974. Not to say, Walter Murch succeeded in collecting his well deserved first Academy Award in 1979 for his work in Apocalypse Now. Walter Murch is credited to be the only person who has ever won an Academy Award for both sound mixing and film editing (Last B08). Walter Murch also directed a movie Return to Oz in 1985. It goes without saying that in the contemporary cinema, Walter Murch is vouched to be an authority in the realm of film editing and sound mixing. Murch is justly credited to be the father of the discipline that is today known as ‘Sound Designing’ (Last B08). He is also ascribed with the honor of developing the much adhered to 5.1 channel arrays, the standard film sound format, which raised the art of sound designing to new heights (Last B08). Murch happens to be the single most important person and technician who have made stupendou s contributions to the discipline of film editing and sound processing. As per his views evinced in an interview with Michael Jarrett, Murch delineates his approach to sound in relation to images by declaring that when it comes to sound, a sound designer always tends to have more freedom as compared to images (Online).

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