Thursday, September 26, 2019

Organizational Change At Qatar Olympic Committee Essay

Organizational Change At Qatar Olympic Committee - Essay Example The conference supported playing for a greener future. Moreover, the QOC entered in a partnership with the Look Company to promote innovative environmental awareness (â€Å"The LOOK Company† 1). Through this partnership, QOC derives the free will and ability to help in conserving the environment.The transition plan shall include the establishment of an environmental policy for QOC and a QOC 2030 Sustainability Plan. The QOC should also establish an environmental committee to implement the QOC environmental policy and the QOC 2030 Sustainability Plan. The organizational change will also include partnerships with sporting bodies like IOC, FIFA, and non-governmental organizations that promote environmental conservation like UNEP. The QOC should also convince the Qatar government to invest more money in environmental conservation. The QOC shall engage the youths and community-based organizations to create environmental awareness that seeks to enhance sustainable development. I wil l also encourage QOC to promote the recycling of branding elements made of fabric and recommend better ways of conserving energy and reducing gas emissions in the sporting manufacturing companies. These measures will define organizational change that will foster environmental conservation at the QOC.Nevertheless, I face a great personal challenge to achieve my objective due to my lack of persistence and poor persuasive skills. Indeed, I am prone to quick discouragements and I lack the capacity to persuade the QOC to adopt my proposal.

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