Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Global Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Global Business Strategy - Essay Example The paper will highlight some of the key elements in the company's global approach such as international markets choices and entry, market segmentation, as well how the company has carved its way up to the challenging markets in the global construction materials industry. Global Business strategy is a critical component of the holistic approach of organizations attempting to enter global markets successfully. Business organizations have to create approaches, which will cater to all organizational factors such as marketing, human resources management, operations management, risk management and other critical aspects of an organization if they have to put together possible global strategies, which will be sufficient in overcoming challenges of entering global markets. Although there is ongoing debate on multinational corporations strategy over the approaches like standardization versus adaptation there is confluence of ideas and the recognition that multinationals have to put together possible business strategies that will be enough for the unstable and different surroundings in which global businesses operate. There are various factors that apply significant pressure on global businesses to formulate working short term and long term strategies plans t o the accomplishment of their objectives and goals. Upon the underlying fact that human needs are basically the same across countries and communities, sticking differences obtain in aspects cultural, economic, geographic, political etc. This means that global business management organs must be at the top of the game in ensuring that policy and strategy are appropriately put together to reach desired results Corporate strategy focuses on wide and far reaching goals and purposes of an organization. The strategy focuses on the accomplishments of set goals in line with expectations of the stakeholders. Other global business organizations influence on Business Unit strategy, which is a concept that boils down to the aspects of products and services or products being rendered. The other critical strategy component is the aspect of operational strategy, which can also be used in global business strategy to reach desired results in as far meeting organization goals in concerned. The success of Lafarge in the global landscape must have tapped in the advantages of some of these strategic concepts. Through the exploration of the growth and strategic thrust of Lafarge some of theses concepts can be identified. The case of Lafarge note that, the global cement industry is gradually transforming into an oligopoly through the creation of mergers and acquisitions, which ends in capacity concentration, and the control of the global landscape by a few transnational players. However, the global structure of the industry is still unstable with no single player with two digit market share. The major players lack the capacity to

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