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Functions of Planning and Organizing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Functions of Planning and Organizing - Essay Example As such, planning entails the design of a firm’s activities to respond accordingly to its goals and objectives. However, organizing involves selecting the suitable structure that promotes the implementation of the designed scheme (Hiles, 2011). Therefore, this piece incorporates the concepts of planning and organizing in developing a plan for promoting Macdonald’s. The paper starts by exploring the vision, goals and objectives of developing such a strategy for Macdonald. The paper first examines the state of the company by performing a SWOT analysis. Subsequently, there is a critical assessment of the appropriate strategies, which aim at highlighting the company’s strengths while addressing its weakness. An informed conclusion of the strategies that can promote company’s activities follows. Vision, Goals and Objectives of the Plan This plan’s sole vision is making MacDonald Inc a force in the world’s fast food trade in future. The goals of th e plan include boosting the company’s profits, establishing competitive attributes and addressing the company’s threat and weaknesses effectively. The main objective of plan is developing a comprehensive scheme, which centers on the company’s strengths while countering its weaknesses hence providing an approach that will enable the company to adjust to the dynamic market. The auxiliary objectives include conducting a Swot analysis in the company to propagate knowledge about its market status. Swot Analysis The Company Background Macdonald is a multinational company that significantly controls the world’s fast food supply. Since the date of establishment, the company has recorded incredible growth. Presently, it runs outlets in more than 118 countries. However, the organization is currently facing stiff competitions that are straining it growth. Strengths Strong command powers The company has a reputable market for its products as evident in the extensive supply networks. This is witnessed in most parts of the world; thus, generating massive sales. Fiscal stability The Company has a large business capital and is currently experiencing a period of financial harmony. Indeed, company’s sales are comparatively performing well in the market and returns are appealing. Adaptability to market fluctuations The company can adjust rapidly to the market changes since its large capital can allow a adoption of products diversification models (Kleindl, 2007). Weaknesses The company trades in dynamic products since the food industry provides assorted tastes and preferences that keep changing depending on the availability. Additionally, the company engages in expensive promotion campaigns, which are unproductive; hence, wasting funds. Opportunities Macdonald has the opportunity to venture into emerging food markets especially the provision of organic foods. As such, the company ought to shift its focus from fast foods, which are increasingly s hunned. Threats The emergence of new companies poses threats to Macdonald’s especially when they are small. This is because they require less capital hence their number continues to grow. Notably, the culture of distributing packaged foods though retail chains like supermarket is becoming popular in the market. Strategies Product Restructuring Marketing strategies are plans aimed at capturing the market to increase awareness and purchase of the company’s products. McDonalds can engage in innovative marketing

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