Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ethics Exam 2 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ethics Exam 2 - Article Example Thus, first an individual needs to identify the harm a particular scenario may do to the majority population of the society. In order to identify the harm, one needs to identify what the majority of the society perceives regarding the issue and whether there is an agreement on the issue impacting the majority in a negative manner. Once it has been established that an issue may have consequences associated with it for the majority of the population, an individual needs to look at the various solutions that are available to solve the problem. Once solutions have been identified, a cost and benefit of all the solutions need to be conducted. This is a significant step in order to identify which solution will have lesser consequences and more benefits for the overall society. This step will help in ensuring that only that solution is implemented which benefits the major population of the society. 2. An ethical leader needs to have good communication skills in the area of communicating ethical values and guidelines of the organization. He/she needs to encourage his/her followers to focus on the interests of the organization. Ethical leaders even need to indulge in successes planning in order to ensure that there are other ethical leaders within his/her ranks and in future the organization will have ethical leaders to continue to promote and adopt the ethical values of the organization (Lewis 138). Ethical leaders need to be able to exhibit the connection of operating within ethical guidelines and how these guidelines help in the attainment of organization’s aims and objectives. Ethical leaders even need to ensure that they do as they preach. If they are preaching ethical values, then they need to abide by them and take strong and difficult decisions in times when the ethical values of the organization are being compromised. For example an organization may have a zero t olerance policy towards sexual

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