Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Impacts of Technological Innovation on Communication Essay

The Impacts of Technological Innovation on Communication - Essay Example Nevertheless, in cases where physical contact is impossible, an effort of writing a letter can be resorted. However, in the latter eras, because of human discontent for development, several crafts have been developed including technology. The rapid innovation on information technology has greatly impacted the way communication process go. There had been an overwhelming revamp on the communication process especially on the matter of how it is being done. The internet which is a very powerful tool in conveying information is arguably the greatest human invention there is. In schools, business establishments, commercial televisions, broadcast news centers, hospitals, etc., technology has become a very important tool in order to hasten the communication process and the delivery of data to which they are supposed to be delivered. In fact, in some schools, just like in South Korea, they are using I.T. application software and programs in order to communicate with 2 English language tutors from the Philippines, United States, and the United Kingdom. In businesses, more appropriately for bigger multi-national companies, especially those that are outsourcing some of their jobs overseas, they use web conferencing tools in order to perform the desired task. In addition, social networking sites, electronic mails, video chat, and live conferencing are also available. One of the best things that technology has contributed to communication is its contribution for faster and more convenient way of dealing with the transfer of information. What are the good impacts of technology to communication? More than just a mere observation, we can all concede that the transmission of information nowadays, with the aid of information technology, is much more accurate, speedy and convenient as compared to what has been used before. These can be proven by our personal experiences. Before the telephone or the mobile communication devices have been invented, the transfer of information was ve ry slow. Now, we can simply communicate remotely by just simply dialling numbers and this is regardless of the distance as long as necessary requirements are met just like the signal and load for mobile phones. In education, a relevant research found out that online discussion is discovered as an effective tool in developing the student’s knowledge. This is because of a consolidated conversation or exchanges of idea through a forum just like the college confidential – an online forum for pre-college and college students which intends to discuss different topics related to education, science, and most especially for the admission process. Similarly, with the help of information technology, there is a chance for the people to get in touch with their loved ones who are situated from a remote location. Most of the 3 time, video chats and social networking sites are the players of the game. People can just sit down with their computers facing toward them and they can commun icate with the people that they want to talk with. What are the drawbacks of information technology on communication? Albeit, we have already conceded that technology is a helpful tool in achieving a faster communication process; nevertheless, it has also its own disadvantages. Most of the people who use computers and internet

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