Monday, August 12, 2019

Energy And Environmental Analysis And Evaluation Of A Property Research Paper

Energy And Environmental Analysis And Evaluation Of A Property - Research Paper Example The most familiar type of green methods, which can be adopted in a green construction, is the utilization of windows ventilators. However, more complex green strategies can also be utilized to reduce the energy consumption in a residential or commercial building. The most amount of energy in a residential structure is consumed while maintaining the internal atmosphere of the home. In colder regions, electric, gas or oil heaters are utilized to warm up the atmosphere and water, while in hotter regions air conditioning units are employed to reduce the temperature (Legg, 1991, p24-36). One of the important aspects of utilizing less energy is that it limits the greenhouse emissions this way, at the same time it is economically beneficial as utilizing less energy will consequently reduce the energy bills or other bills related to the energy consumption. In this way, green construction is not only a better option for the environment but also for the environment (Burberry, 1997, p21-48). A green building can be considered as green if it minimizes the waste, utilized as less energy as possible and utilized the green material in the construction. If the home utilized the natural energy resources like the solar or geothermal, the energy dependence can be minimized. On the other hand, the utilization of windows allows the lights to penetrate into the structure in the daytime and thus reduce the energy consumed by the artificial lights (Pritchard, 1999, p30-44). Advanced green structure utilized much-advanced technology such as an installation of the solar panel on the roof that generates energy for the home and the excess energy is supplied to the grid. On the other hand, solar geysers capture solar energy to heat the ware for the utilization in the home. The solar water heating system can also be utilized for the space heating by circulation the heated water through the radiators and fan mechanism. The system has the capability to save much amount of energy. In the given pattern of the home, I think the placement of the windows is quite right that will help the home to stay lighted during the day. In order to evaluate the energy consumption in the house, it is appropriate to evaluate where the energy is consumed and where it can be saved. As the house is fitted with a big boiler to maintain the temperature in the house and to provide with the warm water, the immense amount of energy is taken by the boiler. In this way, the boiler is the major producer of the greenhouse emissions. However, if the boiler is removed from the house, the house becomes less comfortable for the residents.

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