Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay Example for Free

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay In this play there are three main characters Blanche, Stanley and Stella. The play is set in New Orleans in a place named Elysian Fields which runs between L N tracks and the river. Stella and Stanley are married and living together as man and wife in their little apartment. Blanche is Stellas sister. Blanche and Stella both used to live in Belle Reve. Blanche turns up on Stellas door step having lost Belle Reve and her job as a teacher. She has no money and no place to go. She is relying on her sister and her husband to support her. On her arrival she insulted Stellas husband and Stella herself but still expects them to look after her as if it were their duty. Blanche takes them both for granted and in scene one says Im not going to be put up at a hotel. I want to be near you. As soon as Blanche sees Stanley she finds something strangely attractive, she doesnt know why or what it is, he is distant towards her, does not pay her compliments like she is used to and she finds this attractive, he is quite a challenge to her even if he is her brother in law but there is something there that she finds irresistible, the first time they meet he is very blunt in the way he talks and brash, he has no respect for women of any kind, he does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants to do it, the first time they meet he walks in asks if she minds if he takes his top off after a long day at work but before she replies he has already removed it, he wasnt really interested in her answer it was just like a formality a moment of politeness. This is when she notices him and sees something she likes. This makes us think that Blanche may be jealous of the relationship between her sister and Stanley. Perhaps she likes the idea of this man treating her differently to the way she has been treated before, she likes him having power over her, being manly In scene two Stanley questions Blanche on the loss of Belle Reve. Blanche is secretive and tries to avoid the subject, she does not want to argue over such trivial matters and should not want to upset her sister who is listening to their discussion but Stanley can see straight through her pretty, womanly ways, he wants the truth and he knows that she is hiding something, she tries to act dumb papers, what papers she asks when Stanley asks to see the legal documents on Belle Reve. When Stanley does find papers Blanche says they are love letters and he must not touch them (changing the subject to try and distract Stanley from what he wanted to see or might find) Sister in law or not he knows something has happened that will affect Stellas inheritance and through the Napoleonic Code will effect him. Blanches flirtatious ways will not win Stanley over where this is concerned. Stanley can see straight through her womanly ways and will not be distracted.

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