Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Legal Aid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Legal Aid - Essay Example The changes have singled out the reason for the introduction of a resident test as being the need to ensure the delivery of a justice system that is more credible and efficient to the UK citizens. However, when that provision is closely assessed, it presents more problems than anticipated. In fact, when this new change is assessed based on the provision of the above three laws, it may not pass the justification. The major reason for the introduction of the two-part residence test as a requirement for the qualification for accessing legal aid is to single out foreigner within UK and its overseas territories jurisdiction, and then deny them an opportunity to equal access to the justice system, similar to the UK citizens. The stability of the United Kingdom justice system is tempting to assume that it bears permanency, since it has been entrenched for long enough. Nevertheless, the recent changes introduced in LASPOA 2012 threaten this stability, through introducing legal measures that are contrary to the spirit and letter of the rule of law. When summed up together, the changes have introduced restrictions to the access of legal aid and increased the fees and the procedural hurdles for those who seek to use the courts to defend their interests (Bindman, 2013:6). In addition, the changes have introduced the use of secret evidence that precludes challenge, increased the surveillance to and access of personal and private information, and reduced the damages payable to people who have successfully defended their claims through the justice system (Bindman, 2013:6). Overall, the government has struck a major blow to those who seeks to uphold the rule of law. The definition of the rule of law requires that all individuals are granted an equal chance and opportunity to access the justice system. However, the introduction of the recent changes in the LASPOA 2012

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