Friday, August 23, 2019

FBI Agency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

FBI Agency - Essay Example Another purpose for the formation of the FBI was to supplement other law enforcement agencies by conducting surveys on crime scenes and prosecuting any individuals held responsible. The FBI legal authority comes from the United States Code Title 28, Section 533. The FBI also borrows from different corporate bodies the mandate to investigate crime and prosecute. The RICO Act allows the FBI to conduct investigations on organized crime while the civil rights act allow the FBI to conduct investigations on violation of civil rights (Ricciuti, 2011). Another source of authority is the US PATRIOTIC Act that allows the FBI to monitor online activities to counter cyber and other related crimes. The US Code section 1951 criminalizes obstruction of interstate business and prioritizes the FBI to enforce any breach. The US Code section 668 criminalizes theft of heritage artifacts and museum art thus making it a federal crime to be handled by the FBI. The Federal Bureau of investigation was officially commissioned in 1935. The bureau was formed to respond to the growing anarchy in the country following the assassination of President McKinley in 1901. President Roosevelt ordered the formation of the Bureau of investigation to gather intelligence and report directly to the attorney general. The Bureau initially operated as the Bureau of investigation till 1935 when it was renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The primary role of the FBI is to carry out intelligence investigations. The FBI is mandated to carry out intelligence investigations on all federal criminal acts in America. The FBI conducts research on crime activities and forwards it to the necessary authorities as well as take crime prevention initiatives. The duties of the FBI have recently widened to include investigations of drug-related crime in collaboration with the DEA, counter-terrorism measures and research into white

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