Friday, June 14, 2019

The neglect of the elderly Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

The neglect of the elderly - Essay ExampleThis physical trauma can be a huge element as much research also suggests that older people who have been hatredd tend to die earlier, which is a huge concern. For the elderly, it super imperative that they dont experience this short of emotional trauma in their later years.A huge element to understand regarding elderly abuse is the fact that it can occur anywhere. There is much misconception that suggests that elderly neglect only occurs in senior homes which is not true at all. As a matter of fact, elderly abuse tends to take place where the senior lives most often in the home where abusers are often adult children, other family members such as grandchildren, or spouses/partners of elders. Elder abuse can also occur in institutional settings, especially long-term care facilities.One of the most diametrical factors of elderly neglect is the fact that there is no single pattern of elder abuse.Conducive research proves that sometimes elde r neglect is a prolongation of long-standing patterns of abuse emotionally, physical, and mentally occurs within the confinements of the home. Cooper (2008) Often time, the elderly become the victims of this trap because they are fragile and cannot speak up. With the domestic structure of the modern family keep to grow, elderly in the family have become a more inferior group and are more likely to be abuse. Since the elderly are restricted on the family for financial and emotional support, they also easily become the target for additional mental abuse.Cooper (2008) An important aspect regarding elderly abuse that it is in force(p) not confined to just older adults who have poor physical health or cognitive inhibitions that are likely to experience this abuse.Older individuals who are alone and depressed along with those who may have a physical disability or mental illness are vulnerable to abuse. It is evident that mental deterioration due to elderly neglect can

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