Saturday, June 15, 2019

My job in futuer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

My job in futuer - Essay ExampleCommunication must be sent and received if it is to be effective. Whether the family is within a family or in the workplace, skills such as showing empathy, listening and being sincere allow for determine if the relationship is a intelligent one or one that is full of stress and misunderstandings (Eec and Genz, 2006). I have had many a(prenominal) successful and happy relationships at school and at home. I have always believed that honest communication without conceit or arrogance is the best way to gain friends and followers. Letting employees know that is acceptable in a clear manner helps them to understand why something they have done might be unacceptable if that situation arises. The final skill that I have obtained that will help me to be a great bank officer is the ability to multi-task. A bank officer may need to act as a salesperson when talking to a customer, an analyst when changing a procedure that is not working and a marketing profes sional when making coordinated plans with some other bank officer (Bank, 2006). Wearing many different hats and playing many different roles is something I have excelled at through my college career. I have had many different responsibilities to my family, friends and even an employer, not to mention what I had to do to accomplish my schoolwork. Having many different responsibilities is enjoyable for me and I am good at cerebrate on the task at hand.Being a good follower and a good leader, acting as an analyst, communicating clearly and multi-tasking are all a part of a bank officers job.

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