Thursday, June 13, 2019

Reflection Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Reflection Paper - Assignment ExampleAutonomy creates an element of directing ones own demeanor while purpose enhances the desire for persons to do things in service of something significant than ourselves ( knock, 26). More over, mastery enhances the desire of continually improving something that is important.It is imperative to note that, Pink points out that, the traditional carrot and stick regularity of demand does not fit in the dynamic jobs of the 21st century. This method concentrates on the principle of reward the likable behaviour and punishing the dislikeable one. The carrot and stick method of motivation immensely assumes that the main drive, which powers human conduct, is the drive to counter to rewards and punishments the dynamic milieu (Pink, 26). This meditate reveals that this method failed to produce the projected results in most instances and this led to the discovery of a possible third drive for human conduct. However, the carrot and stick method proved to w ork well for typical tasks, which were little(prenominal) dynamic, highly controlled and unchallenging. These tasks involved straightforward processes and less lateral thinking.Pinks model of addressing the aspect of motivation in the 21st century is such dynamic in the sense that it fits in all the dynamistic nature of the complex jobs. These jobs are interesting and self tell and cannot be attributed to the aspects of rigidity in the carrot and stick approach. In Pinks perception, it is evident that, the traditional approach of reward can lead to less productivity if applied in the complex nature and the creativity aspects in the 21st century jobs. Pink attributes traditional approach to diminished intrinsic motivation, less creativity, short-term thinking, addiction, unethical conduct and lower performance (Pink, 26).On the other hand, Pinks approach based on self-determination theory with collar fundamental pillars of autonomy, purpose and mastery is capable of correlating ma ximally wit the dynamic

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