Thursday, June 20, 2019

Faith-Based Nursing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Faith-Based Nursing - Research Paper ExampleAccording to Miguel Rosa, her among other faith-based nurses, are amenable for series activities in this faith-based healthcare including the provision of health education, taking blood pressure, giving patients referral, and providing immediate critical health concerns such as first aid. notwithstanding their nursing and medical knowledge, these faith-based nurses are believed to have strong theological in attachment in the provision of health care (Anderson and McFarlane, 2010). Therefore, they often combine their go with prayers to ensure that everything they do is per the will of God.According to Miguel, he has created a strong bond with the church and the health care due to her long service to these institutions. Moreover, her extraordinary participation in the activity of the church, the church gave her the responsibility of being the head of the deacons. This position has made her serve the church in dissimilar capacities espec ially in the outreach services where he aims at teaching value of the church to the community (Reynolds, 2008). Additionally, he noted that these outreach services have made her have close ties with different community members who often invites her to undertake service delivery at the patients homes when necessary (OBrien, 2011). Miguel notes that nurses often offer most of these services voluntarily and without the patients paying for these emergency works among other services offered to them.Another area that he notes that the church takes part in the charitable contributions that he is proud to lead as a material body of service delivery (Reynolds, 2008). Notably, the church covers a large region hence, the contributions of over 800 members are helpful to the successfully drive the church charity activity including the health care.

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