Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Book Review - Essay ExampleEven with the good press associated with the Marshall Plan, revisionists and diplomatic historians from both the linked States and the sixteen involved nations from Western Europeeven more than than fifty years after its ratification and implementationstill debate on its origins, motives and effect (Agnew and Entrikin 2004, p. 1). For instance, historical revisionists have found that the economic impact of the plan has been significantly downgraded as scholars concluded that the crisis of 1947 in Europe was less grave than American policy-makers had eyeshot (Hitchcock n.d.).With these considerations in mind, two of the most substantial and celebrated books on rethinking and revisiting the Marshall Plan will be reviewed in this paper in order to range some light on what the real purposes and effects of the Marshall Plan are in relation to the United States supposed gigantic role in the economic recovery of Europe. The book by Michael Hogan and two chapt ers from Agnew and Entrikins volume will be compared against each other through their contributions to the rethinking of the Marshall Plan. While the designer is very detailed, the message that Hogan wants to state is somewhat lost within the detailing of the various facets of the creation of the Marshall Plan. On the other hand, Agnew and Entrikins chapters are undisturbed of separate papers that present an all-encompassing view of the Marshall Plan and its effects. These separate chapters that can stand on their own present a more comprehensive and inferable argument as to the significance of the Marshall Plan in history. It can be said then that quality and readability of a work does not depend on the length and an extreme attention to detail, but on a concise presentation of facts and figures that would make the reader understand and accept the argument presented as true. Although there are a lot of differences between the two books, one of the main causes

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