Monday, October 7, 2019

The Comprehensive Insight into the Corporation BBC Case Study

The Comprehensive Insight into the Corporation BBC - Case Study Example British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) remains the leading broadcaster in the entire United Kingdom. The company engages in the running of various public global Television stations, digital and cable channels, and worldly radio networks. The BBC One channel is the biggest and provides a broad range of news and entertainment programming. The company broadcasts radio programming through the BBC World Service option in languages that exceed thirty around the globe. Dramas and comedies by the company come in other channels including the discovery channel that aim at reaching particular audiences. This report outlines the major strategic challenges faced by BBC at the stage describes in the case study provided. This results in likely options for future development and growth of the overall corporate strategy generating sustainable competitive advantage for BBC. Other features entail the cultural concepts following implementation of the new strategic approach developed by Greg Dyke. The pa per takes the initial step of assessing challenging factors for BBC covering capabilities, environment, and purpose. This will be crucial in comprehending detailed view of the strategic position taken by the corporation. This analysis leads to a more precise definition of the final future strategic development plan and concepts. The original aim of the British Broadcasting Corporation is to educate, inform, and entertain. It operates on the path line of being the most creative institution around the globe and strives to pursue the same vision through all available means. Values pursued by the company are impartiality and independence, internal collaborations and diversity, value for money, as well as delivery of quality services. These values remain central to the growth and development of BBC as a service company that remains dominant in the United Kingdom and a market leader in the world as well.

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