Thursday, October 17, 2019

Second language teaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Second language teaching - Essay Example This infant stage is the appropriate period for a child, when cognitive and linguistic development can be observed among the children. Regarding this cognitive and linguistic level, it is identified that certain percentage of people witnesses this development very quickly during the early growth phase of a child. In addition, few numbers of children also experience cognitive and linguistic development certainly after the expected age. In this context, Gopnik and Meltzoff (p. 1523) argued that certain numbers of infants improve their cognitive and linguistic ability within nine or ten months after the birth, whereas few children experience their cognitive and linguistic development after little delay in time. During the 24th months after born or may even more than that period of time, children are identified to manipulate things in different categories such as boxes and boxes among others along with surrounding, which is the beginning of their learning. Additionally, interactions with children during the infancy is ascertained as an important consideration based on which children are able to develop their cognitive as well as linguistic skills (Anderson, Rasmussen and Strà ¸mme 2-9; Gopnik and Meltzoff 1523). Metalinguistic awareness signifies the ability through which children develop their language during the infant stage. In this regard, Anderson, Rasmussen and Stromme (pp. 2-9) argued that children are developing their linguistic knowledge and languages from its surroundings.

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