Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Self-introduction Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self-introduction - Personal arguing ExampleAlthough I spent much more time than other mass in studying, I could not achieve high scores.Fortunately two years ago I chose to continue my statement in the U.S., and it was present w present my ideas and thoughts about studying changed significantly. First, I realized that as a teenager, studying at school could not be taken for granted. There are many overage learners who go clog to school after they have already been working in society. Many reasons can be attri scarceed to this phenomenon, but I would say that for most it would be due to financial problems in the family. The fact that some of these people sacrificed their careers in order to receive more education shows how important it is for teenagers to be studying at school. Hence, I must cherish my time studying because I dont want to have to go back and produce it later on. Second, in comparing teaching methods between my home country and the U.S., I would say that here t he college professors explored my interest in learning more and made learning fun.Now, although I feel like I have achieved success in college, I believe I must keep stepping forward in my specific field because I understand that knowledge is the most precious property in my life. In view of values, knowledge creates wealth. Therefore, I must prepare well for my future now so that I can reap the benefits once I have finished my education and look to enter the workforce. In the era of the knowledge economy, it is becoming increasingly hard for people to progress without having knowledge. It must be give tongue to that no knowledge is worthless because you never know when it will become useful later on. chthonian the ethos, values, and rights in the United States, I believe that I am more adept to study here instead of my home country. This is because the United States provides many opportunities to students to pursue and fulfill their dreams, something which cannot be applied to eve ry student in my home country. Therefore, I set my

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