Thursday, April 25, 2019


ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION OF EXTERNAL AND insepar adequate ENVIRONMENTS OF TOYOTA - Essay Example8 million cars were recalled globally which has put the firm in a monetary crisis. Moreover, Liker and Hoseus (2007) add that sine the brands reliability is now in question especially in the US it is bound to face many financial challenges even though it is financially more dishearten than rivals Ford and General Motors. Morgan (2010) adds that rrecently Toyotas shares have fallen 17% since January 2010 which means that the firm is losing its customers due to such episodes. However, being one of the largest in the world, the firm can handle such financial crisis, however, with the economy downturns, and the malfunctions in their models have aggravated the problem and have added to their financial difficulties. Kotelnikov (2010) adds that they plan to alleviate the losses with their innovativeness and attracting new customers with their enchanting new models, however, the recall has dam aged their reputation and they have the customer trust which in turn has abnormal their financial position. Their financial position has been affected in the US and Europe though its repercussions will be felt r global sales as the consumers lose their trust in the brand.As per Liker and Hoseus (2007) Toyota is working globally and thus has operations in various parts of the world that include for both manufacturing and appeal lines in Japan Canada, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, South Africa , Turkey, UK, US Brazil France, India, Pakistan, Malaysia etc . They are manufacturing and assembling their different brands across the markets as per the needs of the markets.However, Morgan (2010) explains that Toyota has been known for using its just in time inventory which has made their fruit process much more efficient. Due to strong relations with its supplier Kim and Smith (2001, pp. 211-222) add that Toyota has been able to keep

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