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Potential Strategy Essay Example for Free

Potential Strategy EssayMany obstacles to my potential strategy ar worth overcoming. Since the brand new policy is to add extra taxes on take and fining the hummer companies for their actions, because one is able to make sure that slew comply or go kayoed of business. A way to overcome the challenges is to have somebody from each company re toasted in Congress (Kottke, RN, GH, ML., 1988). This may mean make sure that there is someone in government that is passionate about this issue, and automatic to do whatever it prefers to make sure that people do comply with the new law. Through this effort, less mistakes atomic number 18 made, and people are checkting what they need done to make it happen by having someone speak on their behalf. Any gender can do this regardless of background (Kottke, et al., 1988).For example, medical people are to a greater extent thorough with this matter because they are required to ask the patient of smoking in the past before doing anyt hing with him or her surgically or when an emergency arises. Because of this effort, people will live chronic due to extra steps taken on behalf of the patients in the hospitals from each of the medical staff that is present to take care of them at the time (Kottke, et al., 1988).Many of the U.S. citizens will become debate to the idea of more taxes however, if the politician or advocate can convince them that it is for the right(a), then they might become okay with it. This is non spillage to appear easy at first. He or she will have to speak in major cities and give examples of how this new policy will help everyone in the process. This will make it heavy for everyone else who wants to smoke, which is the address of the entire matter. Regardless, people are going to have to decide on whether or not to take part in ending smoking for the coun punish or if there is some level of motivating for them to intermit their horrible habit (Jorenby, et al., 2008).In the end, every one will learn and see that this is something worthwhile, no matter what he or she has endured through the years (Prochaska, DiClemente, Velicer, Rossi, 1993).By going this route, this is more effective. People are able to understand that baccy companies that sell smoking products need stopped in every aspect accomplishable. The goal is to one solar day abolish them in the U.S. In fact, many success stories will arise because of it (Glassma, et al., 1990). For example, a woman may say thatshe spent thousands of dollars a year on smoking, but when the taxes went up and the companies selling the products got fined this motivated her to stop her horrible habit (Glassma, et al., 1990). Commercials could get made to help extrinsically motivate individuals to stop smoking, and through this support groups are made as a means in holding them accountable, besides with family and friends (Prochaska, et al., 1993).The ultimate goal is to get people to stop smoking.This means that they do e verything possible to have accountability from everyone around them to make this happen. not only that, but also from individuals who are pursuance a means in which to do everything possible to ensure this matter is resolved in a timely fashion (Silagy Lancaster T, 2007). They will become more open to the idea of having new people in Congress who will advocate for them, and to make it difficult for tobacco companies to exist any longer. Anyone who is a smoker may at first become opposed however, in the future, they will understand that it was for their own good (Prochaska, et al., 1993).Smoking cessation is not an easy topic for anyone to muckle because of how long this has occurred over the years. Government may or may not do anything if someone is not there to push the matter forward by making a new bill out of it for people to learn their lesson from when selling smoking products to consumers (Jorenby, et al., 2008).All of those individuals know that they are harming peoples b odies, and making their life shorter, but it is as if they do not care about anyone except themselves (Peto, Darby, Deo, Silcocks, Whitley, Doll, 2000). Everyone does understand that it feels good to relieve stress through alcohol and drugs however, this will not solve the problem for anyone who is continuously seeking ways of improvement with their own life. They will have to find other avenues in which to make it easier to palm the stresses of life (Prochaska, Velicer, DiClemente, Fava, 1988). For example, a person can go to the gym and exercise for many hours, instead of smoking for an hour. This will make him or her feel good. Additionally, people will realize that they will have to try harder to get into a different habit and to break the old one (Prochaska, DiClemente, Velicer, Rossi, 1993).Reference List1. Glassma, A. H., Helzer, J. E., Covey, L. S., Cottler, L. B., Stetner, F.,Tipp, J., et al. (1990). Smoking, smoking cessation, and major depression. JAMA, 3. 2. Jorenby, D., Leischow, S., Nides, M., Rennard, S., Johnston, A., Hughes, A., et al. (2008). A Controlled trial fo sustained-release bupropion, a nicotine patch, or both for smoking cessation. Massachsetts Medical Society, 9. 3. Kottke, T., RN, B., GH, D., ML., B. (1988). Attributes of palmy smoking cessation interventions in medical practice. A meta-analysis of 39 controlled trials. JAMA, 2883-2889. 4. Peto, R., Darby, S., Deo, H., Silcocks, P., Whitley, E., Doll, R. (2000). Smoking, smoking cessation, and lung cancer in the UK since 1950 combine of national statistics with two case-control studies . BMJ, 321-323. 5. Prochaska, J. O., DiClemente, C. C., Velicer, W. F., Rossi, J. S. (1993). Standardized, individualized, interactive, and personalized self-help programs for smoking cessation. Healtlh Psychology, 399-405. 6. Prochaska, J. O., Velicer, W. F., DiClemente, C. C., Fava, J. (1988). Measuring processes of change Applications to the cessation of smoking. . Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 520-528. 7. Silagy, C., Lancaster T, S. L. (2007). Nicotine stand-in therapy for smoking cessation. The Cochrane Collaboration, 1-109.

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