Thursday, March 28, 2019

eBay’s Globalization Strategy Essays -- Business Management Studies

eBays Globalization StrategyeBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Skoll in whitethorn 1996. Theirheadquarters were in San Jose, California in the midst of the dot-comera. The lodge subject initially began as Auction Web, which Omidyarlaunched in phratry 1995. The idea was to develop an open marketplace that was available for all members of the company to discuss,compare, and slyness computer items as well as collectibles. The ideatook off, arriver thousands of registered users in just a few years. By January 1997, AuctionWeb could not traction the large load of pageviews bandwidth. Omidyar solved this problem by compose the codefor a new system ebay (Echo Bay Technologies). In September 1997, AuctionWeb was shut down and the eBay platform was opened. The ebaycompany vision To create the worlds largest global tradingcommunity and to help people trade practically anything on earth.eBay had 2.4 M visitors in 8/98, quadrupling in size to 8.4 M visitorsin 4/01. Listings on their site began at 500 in 1998 and grew to justunder 5 M in 2001. What started out as an auction site for computerand collectible items mature to include toys, pottery, automobiles,furniture, to movies, etc. Omidyar and Skoll achieved their, tradeanything goal much sooner than expected.In 1998, eBay went public. Given the sufficient number of fundsreceived from the IPO, eBay launched strategic initiatives aimed atsix special(prenominal) objectives.1) Grow the eBay community and strengthen the brand (attract and observe vitality)2) Broaden the companys trading platform by evolution existing product categories, promoting new product categories, and offering services for specific regions3) Fost... ...ever, the2004 estimates are more closely aligned with 2003 Actuals. Thissuggests that population growth was not as high as expected. Therefore, our projections took that into consideration and usageexpectations were decreased. 7------------------------------------------------- --------------------1 strategical trouble Concepts and Cases, Thompson and Strickland, 12th Edition, P. C-2632 Strategic trade Problems, Kerin and Peterson, 10th Edition, P. 973 Strategic Marketing Problems, Kerin and Peterson, 10th Edition, P. 894 Strategic Marketing Problems, Kerin and Peterson, 10th Edition, P. 965 Strategic Marketing Problems, Kerin and Peterson, 10th Edition, P. 1036 Strategic Marketing Problems, Kerin and Peterson, 10th Edition, P. 1017 commonwealth Reference Bureau, http//

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